Digital artist with a passion for character design and color theory

CARRD UPDATED: 05.12.2023Changed:-Upped the price of full body artworks.


By commissioning me, you are automatically stating that you have read and agreed to these terms.I USE EURO ONLY, Keep that in mind :3

General Terms-Provide clean and fully colored references [unshaded prefered].- If describing with text, please describe as much details as you can-Any rude or ill behavior towards me will result in me refusing the commission and/or blacklist you.-Note that if you want me to shade a reference sheet, it will add more to the original price.-If you get a design from me, let me know if you want me to have full artistic freedom on it, or if you want it to be fully custom!
[yes you can also do additional edits to the custom if you want to, I work with ClipStudioPaint so I can send that file or a photoshop one upon ask. Keep it as close to the original design though. And do not claim it as your own made design.]

Payment-PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY ADDITIONAL FEES DUE TO PAYPAL TAKING A SMALL PORTION OF MONEY they are at most only 3 extra euros-Payment will be made through paypal. Either fully upfront or half before starting the artwork, half after sending in a heavily watermarked finished product.-Refunds can only be made before I start the linework. Asking for a refund once I have started on the linework is not possible.-I have a right to cancel any commission, may it be due to ill behaviour, my own mental health or other.Please note that if you plan to scam me, I will put you on my blacklist and will warn other artists about you.

Process-The time your commission to be finished is 1-2 weeks. It could potentially take more depending on personal life, family, mental health or general health status. If any of the mentioned occurs, I will notify you ASAP.-During the process of the commission I will provide Work In Progress pictures. You may also ask for them yourself-You have a right to tell me if there has to be any fixes. May it be something is missing, some part of the design should be changed, etc.-Poses cannot be changed drastically after I started/finished the linework.-Small edits like changing part of the hair/expression/line corrections can be made. Major changes after the linework is finished will cost extra.-Please be aware that I have a private life and am unable to work on your commission 24/7.-I generally work on your piece from monday to friday. Weekends are off.

YOU CAN:-Use the product for personal use, profile pictures or even prints. Let me know beforehand if you'd like a higher resolution so you can print the finished product out :]-Repost with proper credit [Please credit me with my main voidless card which I will provide upon ask]-Share it with mutuals, friends and family. But please also state that I am the artist of said artwork.Please noteI hold the right of ownership of the artwork but not the character itself. If its a commercial product please make sure to notify me beforehand!I may ask if I can use your commissioned artwork as a example in my portfolio list.If you plan to use my artwork to feed AI's or use it as NFTs then I shall also put you on my banlist. I do not condone or support AI generated images and/or NFTs.If you plan to cause harm with the finished product you will be put on my blacklist.

Will drawFurries

Will not drawRealistic
NSFW (temporarily.)
Nazi/Racist or any other hateful stuff
Too complex designs
Too complex gore

I have added a trello where you can follow the progress of your piece and/or others.



-Lineart: 16€
-Flat color: 20€
-Shaded: 26€
-Each extra + is 5€
(each extra character is half of the original price)

Half Bodies

-Lineart: 26€
-Flat color: 30€
-Shaded: 36€
-Each extra + is 5€
(each extra character is half of the original price)

Full body

-Lineart: 36€
-Flat color: 40€
-Shaded: 46€
-Each extra + is 5€
(each extra character is half of the original price)


The price can vary between 20€ to 40€ depending on how complex you want your custom design to be:) Generally you'll get a single full body plus the color palette (unless you choose the reference sheet option)

Reference Sheet

-Front + basic info: 50€
-Front + Back + info: 60€
-Front + Back + Side + info: 70€
-Each extra + is 5€
(each extra character is half of the original price)

Stickers and emotes

-Each sticker/emote is 8€.



You can contact me here